Birmingham City University Integrate Cleanfeed into their Industry Standard Studio Facilities

Birmingham City University is fast becoming the leading Midlands-based university for transforming the region and accelerating growth in the local economy. The University has an enviable reputation for providing quality, student-focused education in a professional and friendly environment. Their focus is on practical skills and professional relevance which is exactly where a service like Cleanfeed comes into play.

As with the entire industry, BCU were required to find a way of adapting to remote working during the pandemic. The University was committed to providing the best remote learning experience for its student’s and quickly discovered Cleanfeed, whilst a necessity to the remote learning set up, was delivering a far better service in terms of ease of use and audio quality over others such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Cleanfeed was used by all students over the lockdown period on courses such as Media Production, Media and Communication, Journalism and Sound Engineering and Production. The tool allowed students to deliver professional recordings, broadcasts and media interviews which was crucial to their learning and development.

Peter Crowther, Senior Technician, Radio and Broadcast Journalism, comments: “I was recommended to Cleanfeed by industry contacts and former colleagues at the BBC and quickly realised the benefits for our students who weren’t able to be on campus. The students liked the service so much over the lockdown learning period that we decided to run pro accounts for our final year students, who have a radio station module as part of their final submissions. The pro Cleanfeed accounts allowed them to co-present shows as though they were in the studio together.”


Cleanfeed soon became a more regular part of the operation for studios and over the summer, BCU installed in-house designed Cleanfeed touch screen units into the broadcast and radio studios. Peter Crowther, Senior Technician, Radio and Broadcast Journalism, continues: “Our arts design and media centre is a 61-million-pound building with purpose built industry standard spaces, designed to offer state of the art facilities, which are also available for commercial hire. The Cleanfeed integration enables us to bring remote guests into our studios in superior quality and to provide them with a feed that allows them to feel like they’re in the studio too.”

Marc Bakos, co-founder Cleanfeed, comments: “We are so pleased that Cleanfeed supported Birmingham City University students through a period that saw everyone needing to adapt and change their ways of working and more recently to be considered an integrated part of their state-of-the-art facilities. We have been working on our academic licensing to support educational institutes and this is a fantastic example of how Cleanfeed can be used so well in this industry. We wish all the students at BCU the best of luck with their studies.”

Thomas Sayers, Media and Communication graduate concludes: “Using Cleanfeed during the January radio station module was truly a lifeline. It is such a versatile system which allowed us to collaborate as a team whilst in our own homes, from co-presenting to show production, Cleanfeed saved us. It integrated well with existing equipment and even allowed us to create content well beyond geographic boundaries and other similar logistical problems which may usually restrict interviews.”

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