Cleanfeed Introduces Product Features Inspired by TV & Film Sound Engineers

Cleanfeed, a collaboration toolfor high definition,live audio and recording, in your browser-is today proud to announce their latest product feature; Aux outputs, designed specifically for the tv, film and broadcast industries.


When it comes to recording, Cleanfeed’s built-in recorder is a leagueabove the rest. Whether it is a single recording or a more granularMultitrack recording, the Cleanfeed community has enjoyed recording millions of hours of high-quality content with their remote guests. Linear recording,recording continuously without pausing, is great for the majority of people who edit their audio after the recording process is complete.


However, what happens when you want to break the trendand record multiple takes or do overdubs? Perhaps you want to mix your audio live in a separate environment? That brings you intoa non-linear workflow, and that is where Aux Outputs will help.


Aux Outputs opens up new non-linear workflow possibilities for recording, live performances and more. It allows you to assign a unique audio output device for each remote guest connected to your studio. This ground-breaking addition to Cleanfeed allows creatives all around the world to run more customisable workflows. Now you can route your remote audio wherever you want to.


Marc Bakos, Founding Partner, Cleanfeed, comments: "We're excited about the new possibilities Aux Outputs opens up tocreatives working with remote audio, especially broadcast producers. We havealready seen production houses taking advantage of this new tooling, and theresults have completely blown us away!"


TV and Film sound engineers rely on high-quality audio for every production. A process of post-production techniques forsound design,FoleyandADRis required to complete each and every project. During the lockdown, Cleanfeed Aux Outputs has helped countless award-winning sound engineers to connect to remote actors to complete their productions.With more flexible routing, broadcasters and producers have already taken advantage by speeding up their creative workflows.


Recording show content, voice-overs and celebrity guests has become a more fluid experience with Aux Outputs. Cécile Janet, Sound Editor, Fitzrovia Post, comments: “Cleanfeed has become our favouritebrowser-based audio streaming platform at Fitzrovia Post. Their new ‘Aux outputs’ feature has been a game changer for remote crowd ADR. The ability to route multiple actor feeds into individual record tracks in ProTools has removed the need for unpacking and editing takes at the end of the session, streamlining the whole process.” Cleanfeed is now the perfect companion for broadcasters working with remote audio.





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