For decades, live events and broadcastinghave depended on Shure to help capture and produce the most reliable audio possible. The debut of Shure’s Axient®Digital Wireless Systemtook the industry by storm. Today, Axient Digital continues to serve as the standardfor crystal-clear audio, RF spectrum stability, workflow control,and scalability. To help bring these unmatched wireless capabilities to new and existing Axient Digital customers, Shure has introduced the Axient Digital ADX5D Portable Receiver—a dual-channel, portable wireless slot receiver that provides superior RF performance, spectral efficiency, and transparent audio quality.The new portable form factor proudly enhancesthe Axient Digital ecosystem of wireless audio solutions.


ADX5D was born from one simple need: how totranslate the superiority of Axient Digital into a portable option.Shureunderstood there was an industry demand for wireless capabilities that addressedthe needs of today’sever-evolving production environments. Shure also recognizedthat it needed to innovate in a way that would take Axient Digital beyond the stage, stadiums, and studio broadcast environments. ADX5D is ideal for environments like sports/events broadcasting, electronic news gathering (ENG), film/episodic television,and electronic field production (EFP)—all of which rely on quality location sound. The portable receiver supports the demand for a remote wireless solution thatensuresthe message is clearly delivered.


“We designed theADX5DPortable Receiverto incorporate the sameinnovative wireless technology thatAxient Digitalis known for, allin a portable form factor for professionalsin the field or on-the-go,” said Nick Wood, Senior Wireless Category Director,at Shure. “We took thetime to ensure this new addition to the Axient Digital family exceeds the rigors of everyday use and lives up to Shure’s reputation for quality that we’ve earned over the past 96 years."


Whether a crew is broadcasting a weather report, offsite at a film shoot, or capturing the big game, ADX5D provides top-of-the-line audio and performance. Professionals in film, TV, and ENG now have access to the same audio quality and next-level RF performance that live sound professionals have trusted for years. Additionally, ADX5D is equipped with industry-proven high-performance RF technology, true digital diversity reception, and advanced digitalaudio technology –all packed into a portable slot form factor.


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