Audient Hears the Call of the Future

Audient has been around for almost 25 years and brings with it a huge wealth of heritage. In 2013 Audient took a giant leap from primarily making consoles to taking on the interface and mic pre world, launching the iD22. The company is putting the fun back into tech and designing to expectations with its new products.


Audient’s move into audio interfaces came about as a result of taking the tech and experience from making consoles and applying it to the very different world of digital and desktop interfaces. The expertise and experience designing and manufacturing consoles provided opportunity to address the interface market, after all the brand already had a solid reputation for making high quality and amazing sounding consoles. The David Dearden designed Audient mic pre was already highly regarded amongst the audio community so the move was fairly easy.


With the home recording market wanting to have access to that same signature sound but without having to buy a large format recording console, the initial plan was pretty simple, to design an interface with a more professional and well thought out feature set and a much bigger emphasis on the audio performance. At the beginning, the biggest challenge that presented itself was undertaking the long process of conducting extensive R&D into the digital architecture needed to make products that interface with computers. Not an area Audient were known for but they quickly pivoted and transitioned from a primarily analogue brand to existing in both the analogue and digital domains.


“It’s about balancing audio performance and sound with user experience” said Marketing Director Andy Allen. “We want to make sure our products not only sound good but are also easy to use. A lot of tech products are unnecessarily complex and it takes away from the simple joy of using them, this is something we are keen to avoid and we spend a lot of time ensuring the layouts and functionality of our products are well thought through and as intuitive as possible. We are always looking for ways to improve our customer experience, from product right through to post sale support.”


Audient updated the iD range by recently launching the generation Mark II of two iD audio interfaces, the iD4 (MKII) and iD14 (MKII). “They have been hugely popular with customers and due to the indomitable advances in tech performance could significantly be upgraded on the audio performance side and provide more functionality by adding some much requested additional features such as making it bus powered whilst keeping the same price” added Allen. “We also updated the aesthetics with a modern gun metal finish as we wanted them to continue looking great on desktops.” 


The differences between the MKI and the MKII’s were selected to preserve the essence of what made the MKI so popular whilst delivering more features to make better recordings. One of the main differences is the much improved converters, now providing 126dB and 120dB of dynamic range on the DAC’s and ADC’s respectively, representing a huge step up in audio performance. Both units now being completely USB 3 bus powered meaning iD14 users no longer need to worry about finding a wall socket - making it more portable and easier to use. The iD14 (MKII) has a few more additional features including another pair of stereo outputs letting customers now connect up to two pairs of speakers for better monitoring or alternatively use them to distribute audio to an external FX unit or headphone distribution system.


With the launch of EVO as a sub brand of Audient, the company can now better address the creatives who reside in the world of content creation, podcasting and streaming as well as music making. “The main reason was we just wanted to simplify the often intimidating audio world and provide a platform that’s more accessible to those who may not have a huge interest in becoming an audio engineer in order to understand and use our products” said Allen. “Hence the effort we put into simplifying the jargon, the product's functionality as well as industrial design of the entire product range. The EVO Start Recording Bundle is simply an extension of that ethos and enables our customers to pick up an astoundingly high quality recording rig without breaking the bank”.


The pandemic has proven a challenge for many and Audient is no different. Covid has certainly been challenging from an operational standpoint and most certainly impacted every aspect of the business. “The interesting thing is, not always for the worse” added Allen. “Since the regular lockdowns have been enforced we have seen a huge increase in demand for products such as our interfaces. We believe this is down to customers having more time and more disposable income to finally try their hand at making music, starting a podcast or whatever creative endeavour they choose.”


Like most, Audient is now primarily operating a remote workforce, something it has encouraged for years. “It’s amazing that our team gets to spend less time commuting, more time with their families while still remaining productive. I definitely think we will see a big industry wide shift to remote working in the future for these reasons. Ultimately, we are just extremely grateful that our business has been able to withstand the challenges CV-19 has presented, especially when that is not true for so many businesses.”


Audient's vision for the future remains heavily customer focused ensuring continual innovation and not falling into the trap of competitor mirroring or just designing slightly different iterations of existing products. So how will the ‘new’ Audient benefit its customers? The same way the ‘old’ Audient did, by constantly innovating with the goal to continue making high quality and amazing sounding products that deliver professional results at an affordable price point. It’s as simple as that!

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