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Cinematic Sound

The Dark Pictures Anthology Series is known for being dramatically different in terms of horror and audio-style.  Barney Pratt, Director of audio, discusses how Supermassive Games present a cinematic experience, developed in a full 3D environment for the series.  


Immersive Soundscapes

Immersive sound is nothing new but the world of technology moves very fast. Disney actually experimented with surround sound at some select screenings of Fantasia as early as the 1940s. Since the appearance of Dolby surround sound, we have seen the development of Dolby Atmos and VR gaming technology as immersive audio continues to grow.  One of the biggest challenges with immersive VR is designing a realistic soundscape. We speak to Fenton Hutson, Felipe Milano, David Garcia and Luan Santiago about how they create that all important soundscape.


Pros & Cons of Mixing on Headphones

As with pretty much anything, there are pros and cons to working on headphones and the debate will continue to rumble on. Some of us love it and others prefer to be in a professional studio. Wes Maebe, Andy Morgan-Davies and Mark Angus share their thoughts.   


Krotos Plugins

We catch up with Matt Collings, General Manger of Krotos about how he got into sound, his role at one of the leading plugin companies and how Krotos meets the creative demands of the industry.


Public Disorder

Scott Marshall talks about building an immersive audio training experience to help journalists in dealing with extreme situations and hostile situations that they may find themselves in when reporting.  


Studio Profile- The Record Shop

We take a trip across the pond to Nashville to catch up with Sean Giovanni at The Record Shop to chat about his philosophy for production and starting his studio.